Event Prizes

We can supply high-quality stainless-steel products which can be personlised just for you.

We use Les Artistes Paris premium, and our own Hi5 brand of  reusable bottles and flasks that are not only stylish and functional, but also environmentally friendly. Whether you’re commuting to work, hitting the gym, exploring the great outdoors, or just enjoying a drink at home, these bottles are the perfect companion for all of your adventures.

The bottles are made from double-walled stainless steel and feature a copper coating to ensure that your drink stays at the perfect temperature for hours. They come with a 100% stainless steel stopper with a built-in grip, anti-scratch paint, and are guaranteed BPA-free. Plus, with the unique Timeup stopper, you can easily adjust the shelf life of your drink.

Make it personal: Get your logo, slogan and name engraved on your event prizes.

We can laser engrave every item with a unique name. These unique values can accompany your logo and slogan on each bottle.

From £12/£20 per bottle* plus vat

Order 25 or more bottles and we will engrave individual delegate names on to each bottle included in the cost

From £5 per medal*

Each medal has a recess on the back to add your engraved logo or text

To proceed with an order all we need is a high resolution png file of your logo

To place an order call or email us:

sales@hi5events.com or 01189 567556

Hi5 Event Venues

Hi5 can operate at any venue subject to space and offer a mobile service throughout the UK, Channel Islands and Europe. Our permanent Team Building, Hotel & Conference venues are listed below.

Competitive Challenges

Competitive Challenges
Work together to compete against other teams in many different challenges. Our activities are designed to encourage a healthy amount of competition.

Team Building

Team Building
Our activities help individuals work together as a team. As a group of people work together to achieve a goal, lasting skills can be forged.

Fun Activities

Fun Activities
At Hi5 we help everyone have fun. We have activities that cater to all types of people and we help people enjoy their time with us.