Murder Mysteries

Our Murder Mystery events can take place during a conference or dinner, each event will be designed around the group and objectives.

Head Actor “David France is known for his tv, film and stage work. He played the lawyer Anthony Hacket-Jones in ITV’s The Investigator, King George III in the History Channel’s History of Bedlam and as Guerin in the award-winning feature film, Mona. His theatre credits include regular appearances at the annual outdoor Cambridge Shakespeare Festival. David has been running live murder mystery events for the past 30 years. ‘I kill people for a living,’ he says.”

Others who have worked for us have also acted in Coronation Street, Doctors, EastEnders, The Office, Call The Midwife, Silent Witness, Holby City, Line of Duty, Sex Education, Emmerdale and Prime Suspect, and onstage at The Globe, the Royal Shakespeare Company, the National Theatre and various West End theatres.


Braithwaites Will 20-40 people – A 1920s AGATHA CHRISTIE-ISH MURDER MYSTERY

“It was on this day in 1926 that Lord Braithwaite died – shot with an arrow while he worked…”

Braithwaite’s Will has all the elements that make Agatha Christie’s writings, Midsomer Murders and other ‘traditional’ English crime stories so enjoyable: it’s a ‘sealed room’ mystery featuring village life and vicars, a Lord of the Manor and local bobby, wild rumours and rural wickedness.

The plot is played out over a meal and every guest is given a character in it. Professional actors are there to play the key characters and share the crucial evidence with everyone. But most of the fun is created by you in your interactions with each other. The story will intrigue you and the solution surprise you: one of you will be the murderer!

High Society 30-200 people -A TOP-DRAWER MURDER MYSTERY

Celebrities, the ultra-rich, sudden death, and tempestuous love-affairs: all you need for a great party! At the annual meeting of the High Society Society, everyone who is anyone is bound to show up – and scandalous tabloid headlines are sure to follow… You and your colleagues will be part of the jet set for the day with professional actors in your midst playing some amusing and unforgettable characters. Before long, a murder will happen in front of everyone and the hunt for a killer will begin. The ingenious plot unravels until finally it is time for every table to decide on who to accuse of the deadly crime – and which of you has what it takes to be the next High Society Society president!

The Auction 20-40 people


At “The Auction” you get to play a character in a fascinating mystery filled with double-dealing, bribery, blackmail and intrigue. You won’t just be watching, you will be completely involved in the action – as a lord, perhaps. A lady. An antiques dealer. A butler. Even a spy…

No-one is quite what they seem. Finding out what other characters know and what they’ve really been up to is all part of the challenge. Dirty deeds, surprises, clues and possible solutions abound.

Towards the end, the auction of the fabulous von Munchen relics takes place. Treasures are won and lost in a flurry of bidding. Then everyone has a chance to make their accusations before the inspector reveals all.

Final Curtain 7-20 people – A 1920s murder mystery

A real-life drama occurs during a show at the Little dean Theatre. The leading actor drops down dead in a performance of the thriller ‘The Final Curtain’. The police suspect foul play. But the show must go on…
Our murder mystery runs over a meal and everyone taking part in it is given a character to play. As well as having a murder to investigate, there will be other, highly enjoyable objectives for you to pursue. You’ll end up talking to all the other characters in the room, using any information we give you to wheel and deal with them, banter with them and find out what they know.
The result? Everyone gets to mix and mingle in a far more relaxed way than is ever the case in a standard training session or corporate event. And, when the curtain finally does come down, everyone will be shouting ‘More!’.

Shotgun Wedding 30-200 people

A hilarious murder mystery for 50-250 guests. One nightmare wedding reception, two terrible families and too many crimes to count.

The vicar is shot dead before the congregation has left the church, the bride is hysterical and the bride’s father is already drunk. Could things get any worse? Oh yes…

Every table at the “reception” works as a team to solve the mystery while our actor characters try not to let the murder spoil the wedding too much. They mingle with the guests, sharing clues, answering questions and treating them as they have known them for years.

At the end, each table gets the chance to put forward its theory before our police inspector reveals the truth, arrests the evil murderer and tries to sort out what should happen to all those lovely wedding presents.

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