Performance Development Programmes

Experiential challenges that build team and leadership performance

Our experienced facilitators have a proven track record of improving team and leadership performance in organisations globally.

Central to these programmes is our ability to guide people on their journey of self-awareness, and their understanding of others.

Our facilitators work with a number of instruments that help individuals to gain an insight into their preferred behaviours. They will also advise how those behaviours may need to be flexed to achieve results. We will work with you to identify the right tools to use to expand delegates vision of their most effective behaviours.

By combining powerful instruments and models with challenging experiential activities we facilitate long lasting changes in thinking and behaviour. Often these changes are impossible to achieve in the work place, because the environment is too constrained or threatening to allow the opportunities for experimentation.

Team and leadership development programmes – or keynote speakers

Will Carnegie and Mark Denton both skippered teams in the “world’s toughest” round-the- world yacht race, and either of them can provide highly relevant learning to inspire your teams and leaders to navigate the most challenging environments.

For leaders:

  • Improving self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Becoming a transformational leader
  • Improving trust, collaboration, innovation, and motivation
  • Instilling a growth mindset
  • Becoming a situational leader
  • Becoming a better coach
  • Achieving bold goals

For teams

  • Aligning purpose, vision, and values
  • Improving self-awareness and communicating better
  • Improving collaboration
  • Embracing change
  • Establishing a feedback culture
  • Unsticking a stuck situation
  • Being more influential.

Facilitated development will be enhanced with experiential learning challenges.


Hi 5 design and facilitate experiences that are equally applicable to an apprentice or graduate entrant on an induction programme as they are to the most senior team in a business.

Our whole approach is solutions focused. The brief we require from you, is a clear description of how individuals and teams should be behaving and performing differently after our intervention.

We can also provide continued individual and team business coaching back in the workplace to reinforce and extend performance development .

Activities can be tailored around the space available, indoors or outdoors at any location.

Hi5 Event Venues

Hi5 can operate at any venue subject to space and offer a mobile service throughout the UK, Channel Islands and Europe. Our permanent Team Building, Hotel & Conference venues are listed below.

Competitive Challenges

Competitive Challenges
Work together to compete against other teams in many different challenges. Our activities are designed to encourage a healthy amount of competition.

Team Building

Team Building
Our activities help individuals work together as a team. As a group of people work together to achieve a goal, lasting skills can be forged.

Fun Activities

Fun Activities
At Hi5 we help everyone have fun. We have activities that cater to all types of people and we help people enjoy their time with us.