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Searching for a speaker to energise and inspire your leaders and teams to navigate the most challenging business environment ever?

Someone who can really move minds whilst equipping them with a proven methodology they can use the very next day?

Mark Denton is your answer, an international award winning expert sharing his critical insight from leading a diverse amateur team to success in the ‘world’s toughest’ round-the-world yacht race. Insight that will ensure your organisation rides the waves towards a brighter tomorrow instead of being submerged beneath them!

A Unique Approach

Mark is a rare mix of authentic leader, fallible human being and gifted story teller.

His heartfelt and humorous account takes audiences on a roller-coaster of a journey through the twists and turns of this epic endeavour whilst revealing what really made the difference.

And when combined with stunning images and footage, it’s so immersive you could be forgiven for thinking you’re actually on the yacht! It’s an intoxicating mix that’s enthralled audiences worldwide, with rave reviews across all industries, sectors and borders.

What People Say

“Everyone should see this”
– Sam Holland, Head of Learning, Leicester City FC

“It’s the blueprint for navigating our turbulent world”
– Richard Olver, Chairman, British Aerospace

“A game-changing speaker everyone will remember forever”
– Pierre-Olivier Landry, Head of HR, Ceva Logistics

“An exceptional example of leadership speaking”
– Judges, International Visual Communications



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